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ChutingStar Video may be the be all, end all of internet forums in the U.S., but is Australia's internet forum...and it's a more interesting one to follow at times.

Recently a fellow skydiver turned me on to the forum after a thread started on "Price Wars" in "The Car Park." The gist of it is one skydiver's experience from purchasing a Pilot main canopy from ChutingStar, but the ensuing debate, comic relief and video are worth a read. You'll have to register to view the posts at this link:

Also check out the low-budget video for your enjoyment...good fun! And thanks guys for the props in the thread on ChutingStar's service and prices!

Fun Jumps!

Check out ChutingStar Wingsuit Athlete Oliver "Olee" Finkelde showing off what can be done in an wingsuit!

Wingsuit Video - Oliver Finkelde

The Tent!

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Laura and the Tent