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Every month or so our loft has a new jumper come through who wants to find the “best deal” on a rig. They usually are interested in finding used equipment either online or through a classified ad.

This is fine, but start locally to reduce the hassle. Most DZ’s and gear shops have used gear available from jumpers who skydive right there and local riggers know a lot about the condition and history of the rig, AAD and its parachutes. And gear bought through a gear shop has usually been inspected by a rigger.

Gear bought direct from a seller through a classified ad can have little or no information on the history, how the rig was taken care of or the number of jumps on the main. And the seller is just trying to get rid of the can stretch the truth a bit.

Purchasing a rig on the DZ or through a local rigger or gear shop also allows the customer to try it on for fit and comfort. Finding a rig online that fits well can be difficult. Most jumpers end up sacrificing a good fit for a low price so they don’t have to deal with returning a rig shipped from out of state and a few months later finally realize the rig just does not fit comfortably.

Lastly, by the time a jumper pays for the “best deal” used rig, including shipping, rigger inspections and necessary upgrades or repairs, the jumper could have bought an inexpensive new rig for the same price. There are many brands with different prices available from your local DZ or gear shop that can be custom fit for you. Contact your local DZ or gear shop for more info.

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