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CYPRES User Selectable Activation Altitude

All CYPRES 2 units manufactured or serviced after January of 2013 have received a nifty software upgrade. The user can now increase the activation altitude of the unit by increments of approximately 100 feet. Maximum increase of activation altitude is 9 steps so approximately 900 ft. These increments or steps are designated by an A (for altitude) and a number times 100. Thus A1 signifies 100 feet above the standard CYPRES activation altitude, A2 signifies 200 feet above and so on. A0 signifies the standard activation altitude.

Altitude(ft AGL)
Model: Student
Speed: 29 mph
Altitude(ft AGL): 750 ft AGL
Model: Expert
Speed: 78 mph
Altitude(ft AGL): 750 ft AGL
Model: Tandem
Speed: 75 mph
Altitude(ft AGL): 1900 ft AGL
Model: Speed
Speed: 102 mph
Altitude(ft AGL): 750 ft AGL

Important Note From CYPRES: Always plan for your main canopy to be functionally open (fully open, flying, controllable, and even landable) a minimum of 1000 ft above your CYPRES activation altitude. Take into consideration your altitude loss during main canopy deployment, opening characteristics of your main canopy, main container opening characteristics, type/speed of skydive, reaction time etc. Plan your skydive and deployment accordingly.

Altering the settings in the CYPRES 2 is like programming a new FOB for your car, it’s a timing thing with a lot of steps, so be patient.

In order to select a new and higher activation altitude you must enter the unit information area . To enter info press the button to turn on the unit and press it again after each red light flash. You will then see the countdown that is displayed during the self test. Once the countdown on the display reaches zero, immediately press and hold the button. You will first see the serial number, the next maintenance date, the feet and meter settings, and then the activation altitude setting (A0, A1, etc.)

Once you see the activation altitude setting for ½ second, release the button and press and hold it again immediately. The LED indicator will turn on briefly. Release the button when it turns off.

The screen will display the sequence A0, A1, A2, A3, etc. Press the button when you see the setting you would like. The unit will then shut off.

This means if you select for example A2 on an Expert unit, the new activation altitude will be approximately 950 ft AGL.

In order to lock in this setting you must complete the above procedure twice consecutively on the ground without jumping in between.

More Detailed Instructions and Information can be found in the updated CYPRES 2 User Guide .

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