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CYPRES2 C2 0113 SB Update

July 2013

IMPORTANT Follow-Up to CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin C2 0113 – Additional included serial numbers and other important information.

In a follow-up to Service Bulletin C2 0113, beginning this month (July 2013), Airtec GmbH & Co. KG and SSK Industries, Inc. are accepting CYPRES units affected by the Service Bulletin for premature updates. In order to proceed in an orderly manner and to not create a backlog, which would delay the return of your CYPRES, only units which were manufactured from September 2012 to December 2012 are being accepted at this time.

Once we have completed the premature updates on these units, we will be ready to receive additional units, and another announcement will be made on Also, since we do not know how many units will be sent in, we cannot give a definite turnaround time, but we will do it as quickly as we can.

The maintenance update consists of the installation of additional hardware and new software and is free of charge, but since the Service Bulletin is not a recall, we will not bear the cost for the shipping in either direction, for reserve repacks or for other costs involved. As a reminder, the “control unit push button/LED flash check,” prior to each jump (when the CYPRES is switched on), as described in Service Bulletin C2 0113, is the alternative to a premature update. During the next scheduled maintenance, the Service Bulletin update will be performed automatically without additional costs or additional service time. This may be more convenient, as an interim solution, than sending the unit back for service before its scheduled maintenance. The choice is yours to make.

As a result of our ongoing Quality Management Program, we have added additional CYPRES serial numbers to those included in Service Bulletin SB C2 0113. Fortunately, nearly all of these added units will be due for their regular maintenance within the next 10 months. The additional hardware and new software will be automatically installed at that time, without additional time or costs to you. The “control unit push button/LED flash check” (when the CYPRES is switched on), before each jump (which takes only about 1.5 seconds to perform) will, therefore, only be needed for one year or less.

We ask that you compare the serial number of your CYPRES with serial numbers on this linked list here. You can find your serial number easily via the display. Switch on the unit, as soon as the self-test has reached “0” press and hold the button until the serial number will be displayed. If your serial number is listed in this notice, please visit the FAQ for further details and for the necessary steps on how to proceed.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are taking these measures because your safety is our greatest concern.

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