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Selling Used Gear @ ChutingStar

ChutingStar can help sell your used skydiving gear!

Selling your used gear through ChutingStar puts your items right in front of tens of thousands of skydivers and skaters world-wide. Our detailed inspection report on our used gear offerings give skydivers and skaters a straight-forward and thorough account of what they will receive. And the transaction is secure as payment and shipping go through ChutingStar.

To have ChutingStar sell your used skydiving or skate gear, ship it to us with an itemized list of gear and a completed Gear Inspection Form.

(Download or open with Adobe Reader for the fillable form feature)

Your gear will be inspected by our FAA Riggers or Skate staff. A detailed inspection report will be e-mailed to you with pricing. Once we receive your approval, your gear will be listed online and offered to skydivers or skaters who contact us for used gear via phone, e-mail and in person at our three shops in Georgia and Florida.

Once sold (and the payment clears and the customer is happy with the gear received) a check will be sent to you for the price sold minus the inspection fee (varies by number/type of items) and commission (15%). If at anytime you want the gear back before it sells, you pay for the inspection fee and return shipping.

Note: ChutingStar may choose not to list or sell used gear based on a variety of factors including condition, age or likeliness the items will sell. We will contact you if that is the case to arrange return or disposal of the gear. If you have concerns that your gear is not a piece of equipment we could sell, please contact us before sending it in.

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