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NEOS Hard Openings Addressed

Icarus Canopies has issued a Service Bulletin to address hard openings of its unique NEOS canopy. The NEOS is a high-performance canopy that is partially cross-braced in the center of the parachute.

Reports of hard openings were verified by Icarus, and after a test program, the company found adjusting the line trim on the C1 lines solved the issue.

The service bulletin is applicable to all NEOS parachutes P/N 317524-XXX for Serial Numbers prior to 24112612 in all canopy sizes. The modification applies to all NEOS canopies with serial numbers prior to xxx12612. The first 3 digits may vary. So if your NEOS was manufactured prior to August 2011, the modification applies to you.

The modification kit can be ordered through any Icarus Canopies dealer, and then completed by a rigger. When requesting your kit, please include the size of the canopy and serial number when contacting your dealer. Icarus Canopies is estimating around 2 weeks to receive the kit because they are coming from Spain to North Carolina and then to the dealer and finally to you.

The full service bulletin can be downloaded at this link.

The technical order for the bulletin can be downloaded at this link.

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