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Brad Perkins

Brad Perkins

Brad Perkins found his love for the sky at age 18 and never turned back. He started his skydiving career at Skydive Dallas, where he found his second family and devoted himself to the sport. Before acquiring his A-License, he began learning the art of free flying, but after five years of skydiving he was looking for the next adventure. This was when Brad found BASE jumping, the best sport to express his robust enthusiasm, allowing him to push the limits of his mind and challenge the laws of gravity. After a year in BASE, he decided to take his wingsuit to the fjords in Norway and the lush valley in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Brad knew he had found not just a hobby, but his dreams.

After 6 years in the sport, he's a freefly organizer, wingsuit organizer and wingsuit coach at Skydive Dallas. He also was on the 2013 Texas Vertical Record. Brad has sponsorships with Chuting Star, Drift Innovation, Intrudair, Skydive Dallas, & Storrie Parachute Works, and is one of the founders of Dallas BASE Crew. He focuses on living his life dreams by traveling the world, pursuing freedom and adventure. In the business world, Brad runs Distinct Design, a growing website studio in Dallas, TX.

Brad Perkins - The Crack
Brad Perkins - The Dam

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