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Daniel Angulo

Daniel Angulo

Born in Venezuela in 1977, First jump august 1994, actually more than 7600 jumps, AFF Instructor/Evaluator (soon to be an Examiner), Coach, Camera flyer, professional photographer and filmmaker, canopy piloting competitor. Sponsored by ChutingStar, Wings, Tonfly and Larsen and Brusgaard.

About Me:

After completing high school at the age of 16, he began his career as a Skydiver. August 4, 1994 marked the beginning of his passion with a first jump. Since then, jumping has become a way of life that has led him to become an competitive athlete, AFF instructor / evaluator (soon to be an examiner), coach and Pro Rated, exercising each with mysticism, ethics, efficiency and high professionalism. To this end, we can confirm that Daniel Angulo is an integral high performance athlete with all the attributes to ensure the quality and success as a professional.

Not only he has been successful in his field. Similarly, has bearing the name of his country to high levels such as USPA Swoop Nationals and Dubai Parachuting Championship 2010. In Venezuela participated in competitions such as the GoPro National Championships 2011, being champion in 4 way, Freestyle (camera flyer), and placed second in Freefly. Also Oakley National Championships Cup in 2012 was champion in 4 way, 2nd place Freestyle, 2nd place Freefly. He has been part of, as a camera flyer and photographer of skydiving event as Latin American Formation Record in 2008, Mexican Freefly Record, Mexican Record 40 Way (2 times), over 300 exhibitions nationally and internationally recognized photos published in print media and on internet.

On a side, he studied his other passion, photography and audiovisual production, now he mixes both of them, the result, incredible images of what he loves to do.

In 2013 he came to the US to work full time at Skydive Spaceland in Texas, soon showed his quality and is now part of a team of camera flyers, instructors and canopy pilots that holds high spaceland's name among the dropzones around the world, also as part of The Ratings Center ( team as an Instructor / Evaluator demonstrates his high standards and professionalism.

Born in Maracay, Venezuela, april 17, 1977
Marital status: Married
Children: one boy
Sponsors: ChutingStar, Tonfly, Larsen and Brusgaard, Sunrise Manufacturing (Wings)
Occupation: Full time skydiver, professional photographer and filmmaker
Ratings and licenses: USPA D-28777, AFF instructor (soon to be examiner), coach, PRO rating
Container: Sunrise Manufacturing WINGS
Main Canopy: Performance Designs Velocity 84/90
Reserve Canopy: PDR 113
AAD: Airtec Cypres 2
Disciplines: Freefly, Angle Flying, Belly flying, Canopy Piloting
Home Dropzone: Skydive Spaceland, TX
First jump: Venezuela August 4th 1994
Total number of jumps: +7600

Gear I Use:

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