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ChutingStar House Rules


This park is for skateboarding only. No inline skating or bikes. This Skatepark is not for beginners.

Skateboarding is dangerous. You are choosing to skate at ChutingStar at your own risk.

You must sign a waiver and give it to ChutingStar staff and itmust be on file to be able to skate. The waiver is updated annually. Minors will be required to have a parent or legal guardian complete a waiver.

You are responsible for providing and maintaining your own equipment. By skating in the park, you guarantee that your equipment is safe and assume the risk of injury if it fails.

All skaters under 18 MUST wear helmets, pads are recommended.

No loitering in Kennesaw Mountain Business Park. This is a business park, loitering can lead to the closure of our private park.

Pedestrians and/or visitors are not allowed in the skate area while skateboarders are present. The “skate area” is defined as the area from the outside of the first ramp to the furthest wall.

You must enter and exit the skatepark area through a designated area with an escort of ChutingStar Staff.

In the case of an emergency or injury, all skateboarders must immediately discontinue skating until further directed by ChutingStar Staff.

No food or beverages allowed in skate area.

ChutingStar is not responsible for lost or stolen property of skaters.

Recklessness, horseplay, foul language, not listening to ChutingStar Staff, failure to follow these Rules or any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and skaters will be subject to removal from the skatepark. No destroying or defacing property. Report any hazardous behavior to ChutingStar Staff.

ChutingStar reserves the right to limit the number of skateboarders using the park to prevent overcrowding or as otherwise determined as needed by ChutingStar Staff.

Hours of available use are subject to change and will be determined by ChutingStar Staff.

These Rules are subject to change at any time.

The Rules are simple. Be cool. Respect each other. Know your limits.
Skating here is a privilege and not a right.

~ Mike and Stephanie Gruwell
ChutingStar Management

ChutingStar Skatepark Rules 7/2013

Park Hours

Monday - Thursday
3pm - 8pm

Friday - Sunday
12pm - 8pm

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