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New Creature Decks at ChutingStar

New Creature Decks are in stock at ChutingStar! We've added the "Give'em Hell" Series and the "Babes II" Series. These new decks not only have awesome graphics, they have graphics on both top and bottom! Sure, most people just cover the top in grip anyways, but take advantage of our free sheet of ChutingStar grip, cut it up, and place it around the graphics to keep your board unique.

Give'em Hell Series

Creature GiveEm Hell Graham
Creature GiveEm Hell Hitz
Creature GiveEm Hell Partanen

Creature GiveEm Hell Bingaman
Creature GiveEm Hell Gravette
Creature GiveEm Hell Navarrette

Babes II Series

Creature Babes II DD 83
Creature Babes II 81
Creature Babes II DDD 86

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