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Want to buy your first real skateboard? This is for you...

Looking for your first skateboard? Or maybe your first “real” skateboard after trying to ride that one you picked up from Wal-Mart that’s warped and the wheels don’t spin too well?

ChutingStar-Skate can help. We’ve been there and we want to help you dress for success to enable a ton of fun shredding the streets, park and your neighborhood.

This article will focus on the street, ramp and skate park skateboard. This is the type of skateboard that you see in the X-Games, Street League, the local skate parks, grinding rails outside local businesses and on backyard ramps.

Cruisers and longboards will be addressed in a separate article.


Bearings Cleaning Instructions

(Reprinted from

The following instructions come with the Bones Bearings Cleaning Kit. These can be used to clean any set of bearings with that kit. The Bones Bearings Cleaning Kit is available from

Cleaning Instructions


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