Helpful Info

What is the Help Desk?
One of the things we did a little differently with our new site launch, was to add a Help Desk. The Help Desk is monitored by our entire Warehouse and Sales Crew. Anytime you use the Contact Us form to communicate with us, we are watching as a "ticket" is created. The Help Desk gives different departments visibility into issues or questions that you may have. We wanted to reduce the time it took to resolve your issues and give you real-time status on the conversation through your Customer Account. Ticket information can be found under My Account>My Tickets. (Page top)

What forms of payment are accepted?
ChutingStar accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. In most cases, we will also accept Wires, and will provide our Bank Wire information during the sales process or if the Wire option is chosen during checkout. For Wire Payments, orders will not be processed and shipped until the Wire has finalized in our account. (Page top)

How do I become a Sub-Dealer?
We have a sub-dealer program for Drop Zone Owners or Managers. To be eligible for the program, we must be able to verify your relationship with the DZ Owner. The account is in the name of the Drop Zone and one person will be identified as the User or Contact for the account. The Account ID and Password cannot be shared among other personnel or customers. If there is a personnel change, ChutingStar will need to be notified of the new contact. Sub-Dealer Discounts are applied in the card on eligible products. ChutingStar reserves the right to revoke a Sub-Dealer if the rules of ownership are not followed.

Sub-dealers are responsible for processing their Customer's return transactions. Sub-Dealers are not eligible for the Rewards Program. (Page top)

Where is my refund?
Refunds are processed once we receive the returned item or are notified of a cancellation. Your refund will be processed to the original card from the transaction or back through your Paypal Express Account. Please be aware that refunds may take 5 - 10 days to show up in your account.

If the item being returned was purchased with a gift certificate or e-gift card, refunds will be placed on the e-gift card or on your Customer Account. If an item was purchased using points in whole or in part, the merchandise will be accepted for return and the points re-instated. e-Gift Cards and Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. (Page top)

How do I get some ChutingStar Swag?
We receive emails and letters from all over the world asking for some swag. We are happy to provide you with some of our ChutingStar Swag; stickers, laces, pull up cords and catalogs. You may Contact Us to make that request or order it online. Shipping is free. (Page top)

Do you have a newsletters?
ChutingStar will publish Newsletters throughout the year. We have been on the receiving end of being bombarded with information so we are working to provide relevant and timely information related to our customers. We will profile locals and notify you of special events and promotions that you can take advantage of as well as earning SuperStars. You can sign up and earn Points as part of our SuperStars Rewards Program. (Page top)

I measured my head, why doesn't my helmet fit?
Helmets are the most returned item in the warehouse. Even if you measure perfectly, you cannot account for different shaped heads. Helmet Manufacturers provide the best information possible and we have also published an article called "Helmet Fit is Not an Exact Science", to help you make the best decision possible. Be aware that not all manufacture's helmets are sized the same. The best thing is to try different helmets on in one of our locations. We built the helmet wall for just this reason. If you cannot get to one of our stores, do the best you can in measuring your head. Talk to others as well. If it doesn’t fit, it’s fine to exchange it for another size, we’re used to it. (Page top)

How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed online at, over the phone at 1-770-445-4000 or via e-mail with the Gear Order Form sent to In stock orders received by 5:30 pm ET, can ship out via UPS the same day. Orders shipping via USPS must be received by 3:00 pm ET.

Customer account holders who place orders placed online can earn SuperStars as part of our reward program. Superstars are not eligible for phone orders. If your shipping option offers tracking, the tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped. (Page top)

Do you sell Gift Cards?
ChutingStar sells gift certificates or e-Gift Cards online at this link. They can be purchased for various amounts determined during product selection. e-Gift Cards can be emailed immediately to your recipient when you provide their name and email address on the e-Gift Card page. The e-Gift Card contains a unique code to be used when making purchases online. The balance is tracked through our internal system until the entire amount is exhausted. If you are trying to check your balance, vist e-Gift Card.

e-Gift Cards are non-transferrable and cannot be changed out for cash. In the event that a purchase, made with an e-Gift Card, is returned, the refund will be placed in an online account or given back in the form of another e-Gift Card. Purchases of e-Gift Cards are not eligible for SuperStar rewards.

ChutingStar gift certificates expire one year from the date of purchase. (Page top)

Why am I paying sales tax?
Sales tax on your order is calculated according to the destination of the merchandise, since states have individual tax laws. ChutingStar doesn't benefit from the collection of sales/use tax and we remit collected tax directly to the taxing jurisdiction. We are required to collect tax on any order sent to states where we operate a retail business. Sales Tax is charge on merchandise and shipping for orders delivered in the state of Georgia. (Page top)

Why are there extra fees for shipping smoke?
ChutingStar sells Skydiver Smoke however there are some strict regulations as to how and where it is shipped. Be informed of the requirements to avoid any delays in shipping. (Page top)
  • Fed Ex is currently the only carrier that will ship smoke.
  • We can only ship within the continental United States.
  • There is a $35 Hazardous Item fee in addition to normal shipping charges.
  • Skydiver Smoke can only be shipped to a business location.
(Page top)

Why was my order canceled?
Our website is integrated with our payment processor and other verification applications. If you order is canceled, it is most likely related to the information entered for your Credit Card. When entering your card information, it is important that your address information matches what is currently on file at your card institution. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the card numbers and CVV are entered correctly. When we cannot validate any of the information entered, we may choose to cancel the order.

We also work with address verification systems that can confirm whether your address is deliverable. If the address does not exist or it is not deliverable, we will attempt to contact you to verify the street address and/or the apartment or suite number. Because of the fail rate with undeliverable addresses, we will not ship until we have a good address. If we do not hear from you based on the email address you provided, we may cancel your order and refund your payment. (Page top)