Triton Dolphin Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Triton Dolphin Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Triton Dolphin Reserve Freebag/Bridle
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Replacement Triton/Dolphin freebag & bridle for the Triton or Dolphin reserve container.

This freebag & bridle is manufactured by Peregrine Manufacturing for the Triton or Dolphin harness/container. Please indicate container size when ordering.

Freebag sizing for the Dolphin and Triton as follows:

A -- Mini-D/D-1 or Mini-T/T-1
B -- D-2/T-2
C -- D-3/T-3
D -- D-4/T-4
F -- D-5/D-6 or T-5/T-6
G -- D-7/T-7

Note: The color of the freebag is in transition from black to white. Some orders will receive a black freebag and other will receive the white, depending on what we have in stock at the time of order.

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Triton Dolphin Reserve Freebag/Bridle