CYPRES AAD Smiley Disc Washer

CYPRES AAD Smiley Disc Washer

CYPRES AAD Smiley Disc Washer
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CYPRES AAD Smiley Disc Washer.

The CYPRES Disc holds the reserve loop securely - even under great pulling force.

Parachute riggers use the CYPRES Disc Washer on just about every sport reserve pack job, whether the rig has a CYPRES AAD or not.

Even under the greatest pulling force of the loop the CYPRES Disc shows what it can handle, as it provides you with the most reliable connection and an unwavering position of the loop. The smooth edges avoid any potential damage of the loop and protect you from an unintentional opening of your reserve parachute because of tearing at the disc. The CYPRES Disc is also called the "Smiley" due to the way it appears.

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Colors AvailableAluminum
Lengths Available
Widths Available
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CYPRES AAD Smiley Disc Washer
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