Cookie G3 Helmet Replacement Springs Kit

Cookie G3 Helmet Replacement Springs Kit

Cookie G3 Helmet Replacement Springs Kit
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Cookie G3 Helmet Replacement Springs Kit.

These silicone springs are for the visor mechanisms on a Cookie G3 (or G2) helmet, which the visor closed during a skydive or when in the wind tunnel. 

The 6 silicone springs are 3 full sets for one Cookie G3 helmet. Also included are 2 spare visor locking plate screws with adhesive affixed to the threads as well as a tube of threadlock.

G3 helmet springs wear out over time and have to be replaced if you find the visor closing mechanism not holding properly, or if a spring gets damaged or broken.

Now available in two colors indicating strength:

  • Green, which is the 2018 reformulated standard spring for G3 helmets and has an opening force of 7-9 lbs. when new.

  • White, which are for those who are doing more hi-speed transitions, and have a opening force of 10-12 lbs. when new.

You can also add a full set of new screws for the visor locking plates from ChutingStar if you need more than the two that come with this package.

General installation instructions are below as well as detailed in the videos at the bottom of this page.

To replace the springs on a G3, remove the visor locking plates and visor and the outer portion of the visor mechanism. Replace and put everything back together.

On a G2, start as above, but there is also a machined aluminium hub fixed into the helmet with two Philips head screws located inside the helmet. The best way to access these Philips screws is through the audible pocket. Locate the head of the screw and using a xacto knife put a small cut in the black velour over the head of the screw to get your screw driver in there. Once this part is out of the helmet, the round disk can be removed and the spring accessed. The G2 spring does not have  a bump on it like the G3, so using an xacto knife you can cut this bump off and install.

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Colors AvailableBlue, Green, White
Lengths Available
Widths Available
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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Works great
My visor was not staying closed properly after being half-open while riding in the plane due to a go pro mount. I bought the stronger white springs and they have made a huge difference. Its awesome that this came with multiple sets for when the ones in the helmet wear out or if a friend needs them! Great product
Review by Matt / (Posted on 12/15/2017)
Awsome product
My visor was not staying closed and my friend gave me his replacement springs. They worked awesome and made the visor assembly feel brand new. I ordered a kit to have as a back up.
Review by Rogers / (Posted on 4/5/2017)
Made my visor feel new again.
Replacement springs are great to have on hand. I still haven't gone through the whole pack. A little annoying to replace, but all-in-all, simple and the visor functions as new again. Seemed expensive until I realized how long it would take me to get through the whole pack.
Review by Jo / (Posted on 10/16/2016)


Cookie G3 Helmet Replacement Springs Kit
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