ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers

ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers

ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers
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ChutingStar Type 17 main canopy mini-risers!

ChutingStar Main Risers are the best value with the most available included features in skydiving for your container. 

Our velcroless, stainless ChutingStar risers include your choice of "Always Open" or "Lay Flat" front riser dive loops. Available in lengths of 18", 20", 22" and 24". Each set of these risers from ChutingStar include inboard RSL rings.

These replacement main risers are manufactured by Aeortech and ChutingStar specifically to work with any sport rig on the market, including Javelin, Infinity, Vector, Wings, Icon, Mirage, Voodoo, Vortex, Firebird, Glide and Triton containers.

Included features:

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • RSL rings on both risers so it can be used on any RSL/Skyhook setup

  • Pin-Lock, Velcroless toggles

  • Covered anti-twist hard housings

  • Front risers dive loops in red for better visibility

  • Excess steering line keepers

  • Black type 17 webbing

  • Gold toggles

  • Trusted Aerotech & ChutingStar design, manufacturing and quality

  • ChutingStar logo tag

Stock options include:

  • Lengths of 18", 20", 22" and 24"

  • Always Open front risers dive loops that allow an easy, sure grab every time

  • Lay Flat front riser dive loops that have an extra layer, but lay flat for easier packing

Slider Blocks to keep the slider down after opening can be added before shipping by this separate item to your cart with your order. Allow two days to complete the slider block modification at ChutingStar. For more information on the ChutingStar Slider Blocks, read this linked article in our Expert Advice section.

ChutingStar stocks these risers in black. Additional colors available on request with an approximate 4-week turnaround time. To place a custom color order, please contact ChutingStar via phone or e-mail.

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ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers
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