ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper

ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper

ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper
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The ChutingStar Magnetic Slider in the longer 5" folded length!

ChutingStar's Magnetic Slider Keeper allows experienced canopy pilots to keep the slider tucked down behind their head after the canopy opens.


  • Strong flat, square magnets for a reliable hold of the slider during flight

  • Designed to release in the event of a cutaway

  • Strong elastic strap fits over the top of the reseve pin cover flap of most containers (see list below)

  • Durable webbing construction

  • ChutingStar embroidery

  • 5-inch length when stowed

This Magnetic Slider Keeper is manufactured by ChutingStar and Aerotech, and features a strong elastic strap to attach around the top of your reserve pin cover flap.

The slider keeper has two magnets to stow your slider in once you have collapsed it, brought it down to the base of the risers and behind your head. The ChutingStar Magnetc Slider Keeper is designed to hold the slider securely for canopy flight, but should release in the event of a cutaway.

The ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper is made to fit on Javelin, Vector, Mirage, Icon, Vortex, Glide, Triton and Dolphin containers. It does not work on Infinity, Racer or Wings containers.

Note: The ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper has been shown to release if stowed during a cutaway, but other factors could cause the slider to hang up. It's recommended to release the slider manually from the keeper during a cutaway to insure a clean release. Use at your own risk.

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Review by Petr / (Posted on 4/12/2018)


ChutingStar Magnetic Slider Keeper
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