GoPro Session + L&B Viso Pivot Pad Handcam Glove

GoPro Session + L&B Viso Pivot Pad Handcam Glove
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GoPro Session + L&B Viso Pivot Pad Handcam Glove.

Combine the smallest GoPro and smallest L&B digital altimeter on one glove!

The Pivot Pad Handcam Glove System is like no other camera hand-mounting system in the market. This version of the hand mount is configured to mount any GoPro Session camera plus the Larsen & Brusgaard Viso altimeter. Three mounting screws lock the base in position, which can be loosened to rotate to your desired angle and locked back down. The swivel base can be rotated 360 degrees.

The new shape and size of the GoPro Session camera provided Funjump Rigging with a new opportunity in the world of handcam gloves: Creating a mount with a camera and an altimeter housed in a seamless, smooth shell.

This shell design has low drag characteristics. The base of contact where this aerodynamic mount mates with the glove is wide enough to provide stability. Low drag plus stable mounting create a winning formula for production of quality handcam videos. Aside from an improved aerodynamic effect, enabling this housing to slice through the air, the smooth one-piece outer shell helps it slide by many potential snag hazards. This housing mounts to a Pivot Pad glove using a 360° base plate which was also designed to eliminate snag risks. One can aim this camera in any direction without having open gaps in the system.

Additionally, having an altimeter LCD screen just millimeters away from the camera lens can help students pay attention to their altitude. 

The housing is availabe in black or white.

Available in three glove sizes: Small, Medium and Large (sizes will match your skydiving glove size and each is adjustmentable for a tighter/looser fit). Available only in black. The black plastic swivel base is rigid enough to hold its form, yet flexible enough to form to your hand and snag resistant.

The GoPro Session + L&B Viso Pivot Pad features include:

  • Combines video camera and altimeter on the same glove

  • Fits any version of the GoPro Session and the Larsen & Brusgaard Viso, Viso II, Viso II+ or Ares altimeters.

  • Very low snag risk

  • Tandem students can check their altitude while posing for the camera

  • All buttons and panels on the GoPro Session camera can be accessed while the camera is in use

  • Simple installation

  • Rugged PETG plastic construction can handle hard impacts and extended UV exposure

  • Designed to fit the Pivot Pad mounting system, it’s interchangeable with several other housing options

  • Camera removal is quick and easy whenever you desire, while remaining securely fastened in place other times.

The Pivot Pad Handcam Glove System features:

  • Adjustable sizing with buckle allows use with or without a glove underneath

  • Swivel base.

  • Multiple options for mounting POV cameras.

Due to the universal/interchangeable nature of this mounting system, some assembly is required, but the assembly tools and parts are included.

Manufactured by Chris Warnock of Funjump Rigging.

Note: Camera and altimeter not included, but are available separately from ChutingStar. The black GoPro frame shown in some of the photos come with the original GoPro HERO4 Session cameras. If you have purchased the new GoPro HERO or HERO5 Session camera package, you will need to purchase the separately available Session Low-Profile Frame.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableBlack, White
Hardware IncludedYes
Mount Positions AvailableTop
Helmet SpecificNo
Variable AnglesNo
Flush MountFlush
Curved AdaptorFits a curved surface
Fits Dual CamerasNo
Quick ReleaseNo


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GoPro Session + L&B Viso Pivot Pad Handcam Glove