Wasabi Power LED Video Light

Wasabi Power LED Video Light

Wasabi Power LED Video Light
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Wasabi Power High Power LED Video Light with Battery and Charger. This LED Video Light is great for those late night skate shots!

The Wasabi Power HVLLBPB High Power LED Video Light offers a maximum illumination of 1800 lux/m, and is an optimum lighting solution up to a distance of 40ft.

It provides daylight balanced output and incandescent color matching (when using a 3200K filter) that helps you capture high-quality images irrespective of the lighting conditions. The light-throw can be optimized for capturing images with 16:9 aspect ratio, and is ideal for wide-angle shooting and interviews. Equipped with a built-in condensing lens, the HVLLBPB High Power LED Video Light offers spot lighting and flood lighting. On being powered by a fully charged NP-F960 battery, the light source works up to 160 min at maximum brightness. It has a rugged die-cast construction, and can be used with shoulder-mount type professional camcorders.

Features include:

  • Manufactured by: Wasabi Power

  • Max illumination of 1800 Lux/M; Low power consumption; Works up to 160min

  • Supports Range Up to 40ft; Ideal for wide-angle shooting; Offers spot & flood lighting

  • Daylight balanced output, 3200K filter provides incandescent color matching

  • Rugged and reliable die-cast construction; Optimized light-throw; Built-in condensing lens

  • Includes LED light with carrying case, color conversion filter, connector adapter, battery and charger

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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Wasabi Power LED Video Light
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