X-Shut Flush Installation Guide

The X-Shut camera mount can be installed on a flat or curved surface with a flush mount by using the Integration Kit. The video demonstrates how the installation is completed.

Start by marking the center of where the mount will be installed. Use a 45mm hole saw to drill the hole for the X-Shut Integration Kit. Insert the outside piece of the integration kit along with the X-Shut base from the outside and mate with the bottom piece of the integration kit from the inside of the helmet. Screw together with the appropriate length of screw (provided with mount).

Drill a small hole for the X-Shut release string. Feed string from inside helmet out, make knot and trim as needed.

X-Shut insert can now be inserted and rotated into the desired position when attached to a camera, box or bracket.

ChutingStar Video

X-Shut camera mounts are in-stock at ChutingStar at this link.