Vigil II & 2+ PSB-01-2018 Service Bulletin

Advanced Aerospace Designs released a new service bulletin on April 19, 2018, for all sport versions of the Vigil II and 2+ with firmware versions 05.05, 05.05, 06.01 and 06.02.

This does not affect any of the current model Vigil Cuatro or Military Vigil units.

According to the bulletin, the affected units will enter a CTRL-ERR mode if the air pressure is less than 300 hPa, which is at approximately 30,000 feet.

This is a mandatory bulletin before making a jump above 27,000 feet, or at any time before May 31, 2020.

The full service bulletin with instructions on getting any affected Vigil unit fixed can be found at this link.

To purchase a new Vigil Cuatro unit not affected by this service bulletin, see the listing at this link on

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