Turned On Meets, Exceeds GoPro Indicator Need

Hypoxic sees a need and meets it...actually exceeds it. I would pay the $100 just to be able to stop asking people "am I on?"

For anyone doing more than the casual weekend jumps, status indicators for cameras are priceless. The cost of missing an event you are paid to record is higher than the cost of the jump. When Trunk first introduced the Hypeye, immediately one was on each camera on my head. Yes, two cameras. In R&D I am not taking any chances of missing a shot. Knowing for certain cameras were rolling, it became possible to play with different shots from the same helmet. With the overwhelming use of GoPros, the security of knowing the camera was rolling has been sorely missed, until now.

Setting up TurnedOn was super easy. Software walks you right thru install. Click off the old door and snap on the new. Deciding where you want the LED probably takes longer than the setup. When you do decide, the stayflex on the last few inches is super trick. Easy to bend and stay in the perfect position. I wonder if they will retrofit my Hypeyes?

This Turned On GoPro Indicator Light System has been a pleasure to have on my helmet. The biggest advantage for me? Better concentration on the task at hand. Other plusses; more independence and less bothering others that may want to concentrate on what they are doing. Also, much smaller files and longer battery life as you know the GoPros status.

Turned On? Absolutely.

Order yours from ChutingStar right here!

Rickster Powell is the R&D Coordinator for Performance Designs in DeLand, FL.