Tonfly TFX Info & Ordering

The much-awaited impact-rated Tonfly TFX full face skydiving helmet is now available for ordering!

Not only is the helmet unique in its modular design and rated head protection, it's also the only helmet that is requiring an in-store fitting before ordering. This is due to the custom fit of the shells and padding, which allows for 36 different sizes.

To place an order for a TFX, you will first need to visit our ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore in Marietta GA (or any other shop that has the Tonfly TFX fitting kit) to be properly sized for the helmet. You will then go through the fitting process to determine the shell size, central lining size and secondary lining size. You can setup that appointment at this link.

Tonfly is requiring the in-person fitting as the reliable operation of the modular visor system is dependent on a proper fit. Because the helmet is so different from what is currently available in the industry, they also want to make sure jumpers get a hands-on feel of the helmet, the fit and the operation before placing the order.

Unique features of the Tonfly TFX include:

  • Helmet impact-rated rating (EN966)
  • Personal eye protection rating on visor (EN166)
  • Complies with Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600
  • One hand visor and chin modular opening system
  • Antiallergic, removable, washable liner
  • 36 different sizing options
  • Helmet plus visor ventilation systems
  • Mix and match colors for shell, chin and side plates


Check out these two videos on the TFX by the ChutingStar Crew:

Swing by ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore during shop hours, Monday-Friday 9-5, or contact us at this link to make an appointment outside shop hours either on the weekend at a local drop zone or at one of the boogies we'll be attending. You can also setup a fitting appointment and pre-order your helmet online at at this link.

Check out this closer look at the sizing and operation of the TFX from Tonfly:

The $578 price for the Tonfly TFX includes all standard colors, and allows you to choose a different color for the shell, chin and side plates, if desired. It also includes the clear visor at the base price. The X-Design pattern, smoke visor and add-ons options are extra. Turnaround time for the TFX is currently at 8 weeks.