Stock Jumpsuits Can Fit You Like Custom

Jumpsuit manufacturers are dialing in sizing for a larger number of body types and sizes to allow jumpers to find a jumpsuit that fits them off the shelf so they can be in the air or tunnel by the weekend in a new suit instead of waiting several weeks or months.

Henry Kochen of the ChutingStar Crew put together a video overview of the the current selection of stock jumpsuits available to you at ChutingStar to give you an up-close look at their features, construction, pricing and sizing.

Below are links to stock suits from Tonfly, Parasport and PittZ that can be ordered for immediate shipment so you're able to use it by the weekend!

The newest stock jumpsuit is the B1 from Tonfly, who is well known for their form fitting, quality freefly jumpsuits. The B1 comes in 5 different colors and sizing specifically for men and women.

More info and ordering details for the Tonfly B1 Jumpsuit at this link.

The Parasport F1 Jumpsuit from Italy also comes in sizing for men and women, but features a  wider range of stock colors.

More info and ordering details for the Parasport F1 Jumpsuit at this link.

The PittZ Freefly Evolution Suit has been a staple and standard for several years in stock suits. It's made of a heavier weight fabric than the other available suits.

More info and ordering  details for the PittZ Freefly Evolution Suit at this link.

See all of the available stock jumpsuits, as well as several stock skydiving shorts and pants from Manufactory Apparel and Parasport Skydiving Equipment at at this link.


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