Skate Lessons @ The Star Skate Park

Skateboarding Lessons

Whether you're just getting started or looking to learn more advanced tricks, we've got you covered. Our Skate Lessons are offered in 3 different levels depending on your skill set and are designed to help build up your core skills first which are necessary for bigger tricks later on.

Lessons are generally provided before our skate park in Marietta GA opens to the public, but we are flexible.


Individual: $30 /hour

Two Skaters: $40 /hour


Contact our Skate Crew by email or phone to schedule a lesson:

770-445-4000 x3

Park Rental

You can rent the park during non-business hours.
(This is not in addition to the skate lessons price. Park time is already included in the skate lessons fee. For birthday party or private event rental, our skate park manager is present to supervise, but lessons aren't included. Lessons can be added as part of the event though. Contact us for details.)

$50 /hour

Getting Started

This is a two part lesson set up to teach the basic skills required for a solid skating foundation.

First Session (1 hour):

  • Get to know the equipment
  • How to step on and off the board
  • Stance and body position
  • Learn how to fall

Second Session (1 hour):

  • Review how to fall
  • Starting and stopping
  • Lean turns
  • Kick turns

This is a two part lesson, and just like learning anything else, practice makes all the difference. Another session or two after the initial ones can help the skater gain proficiency in these core skills. All skills covered in these sessions can be practiced at home on any flat paved surface.

Our recommendation for pads is always wear a helmet, which is required for skaters under 18 years of age. Wrist guards are beneficial offering not only protection from scrapes and bruises, but also more confidence for the skater as they are less worried about taking a fall. Knee and elbow pads are optional.

We have helmets, wrist guards, and pads in stock in the shop!

Mastering the Basics

Mastering The Basics involves a skill set that bridges the gap between just learning to skate and becoming a proficient skater. These are the skills that build the foundation for everything else in the future. In general, Mastering The Basics requires between 4 and 8 sessions for the skater to become relatively proficient.

  • Combining ramps with turns
  • Learning to Ollie
  • Regular vs. Goofy
  • Handling more speed
  • Building good habits
  • Reverts (180’s)

These skills can be practiced on any paved surface as well as in skateparks.

Lessons are charged hourly.

Pushing The Envelope

Pushing The Envelope is where a skater really starts to develop their style and works towards bigger tricks.

  • Intro to getting air
  • Riding switch
  • Flip Tricks
  • Quarter Pipe Tricks

Lessons are charged hourly.

Use what you’ve learned:

From these lessons, you’ll be able to practice various aspects of riding at home in a driveway or other paved surface. Gaining a feel for the skateboard and building up a comfort level with standing on something with wheels will go a long ways in your progression as a skater.

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect!