Peregrine Glide More Than A Newbie

The Peregrine Glide came onto the skydiving scene in 2013, and has steadily gained a die-hard following, which is hard to do with finicky skydivers  who gravitate to well-established gear manufacturers.

But while the Glide may be "new" compared to other containers on the market, the brains behind the gear are far from rookies.

Peregrine Manufacturing Co-Owners Dave Singer and Aggie Haggas spent a combined 31 years working for SunPath Products before going out on their own. Dave has been involved in skydiving since 1992, while Aggie started in these two have seen, done and learned a ton over the years in the sport and have incorporated much of that into the Glide Harness/Container.

So lets dig in to see what sets the Peregrine Glide apart from other containers...


  • Glide Cutaway & Reserve Handles are not secured directly to the main lift webbing, but instead in their own pocket on top of the webbing. Peregrine has found this provides handle extraction consistency by taking the handles off the load path of the webbing. This configuration also offsets the handles just slightly from the chest/jumpsuit so it's easier to get your hands around them. Lastly, it makes for easier main lift web adjustments, if needed.
  • The Reserve Pilot Chute setup has the cap partially exposed, similar to a Javelin or Wings, yet the strength of the spring is similar to fully enclosed reserve pilot chutes like the Vector, Mirage and Infinity. This is the strongest reserve pilot chute that is not fully enclosed inside the packed rig on the market. This gives the jumper a better, consistent spring rate and longer service life, according to Peregrine.
  • The ACE (Accelerated Canopy Extraction) RSL MARD option had 24 months of testing with complete FAA involvement, passing a full set of TSO C23f MARD tests and gaining full FAA approval. The ACE RSL includes a backup safety link intended to break at 350-400 pounds. And to seal the deal on the safety of the system, there is a check window allowing your rigger to have complete confidence to the last flap that the internal pin is set properly. Check out the video on the ACE RSL at this link.
  • Riggers will applaud the reserve freebag for being uncoated, preventing a canopy from becoming tacky or sticky when packed. The freebag also has a 45-degree top section that aids in the extraction from the container on deployment.


  • KUSH padding option makes the Glide super comfortable, and is thicker and more comfortable than the spacer foam option on other containers.
  • Peregrine points out their lower lateral stabilizer is different than every other rig available since it is anchored directly to the hip ring. "This provides unsurpassed rig security and allows for full freedom of movement for the body," says Dave. "All while keeping the rig on your back where it should be."

Coolness Factor

  • Peregrine is the only skydiving container manufacturer offering black cutaway housings. This is available with their Stealth package, which also includes black mesh and tapes on the main pilot chute,  black centerline, black stainless steel RSL shackle, black grommets, black hardware and black soft loop on main risers.
  • The NUB main deployment handle is a unique freefly handle, providing handle security and just the right size for grabbing/throwing for deployment.
  • Blaze Semi-Stowless Main D-Bag option is easy to use with a freebag-like stow pocket and two initial line stows. See the video on this deployment bag at this link.

And the rest...

  • 3-4 weeks for custom containers (as of August 2017)! And if that's not fast enough, Peregrine can get you a stock rig within 1-week with a custom-sized harness, or they also have some immediately available stock rigs in the 170-190 main canopy sizes for common body sizes.
  • Peregrine is one of the few manufacturers authorized to use Kryptek patterns.
  • Built 100% in the USA.
  • The best BOC pouch material available. Strong, stretchy and durable. ChutingStar stocks this as our standard replacement BOC Pouch, which is sold to riggers worldwide to be put on a variety of containers when replacement is necessary.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours on order today from!

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