Smoke Grenade Options for Skydivers!

ChutingStar has long carried and used the white Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade, which is a big part of demonstration jumps.Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade

Skydivers use one of our smoke mounts to attach the smoke to their shoe or ankle, and the smoke gives a definite "wow factor" for people on the ground whether it's used in freefall or under canopy. For several years, we've had requests for colored smoke but we could only find specialized manufacturers with complicated ignition systems and/or the smoke canisters needed larger brackets.

But earlier this year, we were turned on to a UK smoke grenade company, Enola Gaye, that was also distributing in the United States. Skydivers, drop zones and demo teams had started trying two different "wire pull" smoke grenades from the company with great success.

The EG18 and EG18X smoke grenades not only come in several colors, but have a lower price than the Sport Smoke and can be used with all of our existing skydiver smoke grenade brackets.

Here's a comparison of the three different smoke grenades we carry for skydiving:

Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade: 50,000 cubic feet of smoke over 60 seconds, 0.62 pounds, $30, available in white.White Sport Smoke Skyidver Smoke Grenade Wire Pull

Enola Gaye EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade: 60,000 cubic feet of smoke over 90-120 seconds (time depends on color), 0.55 pounds, $16-$17, available in 8 colors (blue, orange, green, yellow, red, purple, charcoal/black and white).Enola Gaye EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade

Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenade: 90,000 cubic feet of smoke over 50 seconds, 0.61 pounds, $18-$19, available in 8 colors (blue, orange, green, yellow, red, purple, charcoal/black and white).Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenade

Below are the skydiving-specific mounts that can be used with any of these three types of skydiving smoke grenades:

ChutingStar Top Gun Shoe Smoke Bracket, $129.ChutingStar Top Gun Shoe Smoke Bracket

ChutingStar Top Gun Ankle Smoke Camera Bracket, $129.ChutingStar Top Gun Ankle Smoke Camera Bracket

X-Shut Skydive Smoke Canister Adapter, $90, is used in conjunction with the X-Shut Shoe Mount Base, $85.X-Shut Smoke Canister Adapter with Shoe Mount Base

To see the full range of demo jump gear, see our Demo Jumps section under Specialty Jump Gear at this link.

Note: ChutingStar is a registered HazMat shipper, and all smoke grenade shipments can only be shipped to you via FedEx Ground. Due to the required HazMat paperwork and carrier pickup schedule, smoke grenade orders ship 1-2 days after each order is received, and can only be shipped within the Continental U.S. to a business address. Plan ahead as rush or air shipments cannot be accommodated due to the HazMat designation of smoke grenades. All smoke grenades can be picked up in person at ChutingStar in Marietta, GA.