Mudflap Altimeter Mount Overview

Mudflap mounts may have become more popular due to Wingsuiting and Swooping, but now they are being used by all types of skydivers for an easy-to-view placement of your altimeter.

Henry Kochen of the ChutingStar Crew took some time in the video below to show the different types of mudflap altimeter mounts available, their options and how they are installed.

You can find all the mudflap altimeter mounts on ChutingStar at this link.

Available mudflap mounts include:

Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount, starting at $68. The Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount is the most versatile and popular we carry because of how it's custom fit to any mudflap you have, has 3 attachment points to keep it from moving around and is made of webbing and stiffeners instead of aluminum or carbon fiber.

Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount, $25. The Ragged Mounts Mudflap Altimeter Mount is the newest mount available and the least expensive. The altimeter mounting section is available as Flat, Left Angled or Right Angled. It also has a pre-drilled option for those mounting an Alti-2 Galaxy in all versions..

Bonehead Mudflap Altimount, $55. The Bonehead Mudflap Altimount is made of carbon fiber. The altimeter mount section is slanted for an easy view, but is only available in one slanted direction so it can only be used on your right mudflap.

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