GoPro HERO3 Bug Help

If you are having some issues with your new GoPro HERO3, the following steps below will have you back up and filming shortly! We have run into some of these issues and after extensive time on the phone with GoPro, have learned a few things that we would like to share before you jump to returning the camera. Even if you have done this before please try it again:

First off what kind of memory card do you have? We have found the most reliable to be a SanDisk Class 10 30mb/s 200x.

Now if you have this memory card, the first thing you should do is open the back, pull the battery out and write down the serial number of your camera. Then completely reformat your memory card so that nothing is on it at all.

Once you have done this please then replace the battery, and with the memory card in your camera, plug it into your computer. It should show a USB icon on the camera display.

Go to the website for GoPro Support at There is a link for a camera software update. Click on that.

Next, you are going to download the update.

Please DO NOT use the Java script version. To avoid this you will go through registering your camera and inputing in your Serial Number that you wrote down. Then there will be a selection to do a manual update.

Choose Manual Update and this will download a folder to your computer.

Once the folder is downloaded, open it and drag each individual file to your camera. DO NOT DRAG THE FOLDER. Again, you must put each individual file on your camera...there should be 3 files.

If you have a MAC, you need to eject the camera and then unplug it. For all other computers, just unplug it.

Now turn your camera on and it should go through a series of flashing "updating," beeping and turning on/off. This will happen for about a minute.

When that is complete the next thing you need to do is go straight to the trash can icon on your camera and choose delete all/Format. This will clear the software update off of your card. At this point you should be good to go.

You will need to set up your remote again as you just completely reset your camera.

We at ChutingStar have had much success with this, so please try this first. If you have any further issues, call GoPro support. They are very helpful and very pleasant to work with.

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