ChutingStar Main Riser Dive Loops

Due to the ever-rising cost of replacement skydiving rig parts, ChutingStar started a partnership with Aero Tech Products in DeLand, Florida in 2014 to start offering high-quality and affordable accessories for your skydiving rig.

One of the item that immediately grew in popularity were our ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers. These risers feature design elements we felt were important, but missing, from some of the rig manufacturers. Features include:

  • Inboard RSL rings on both sides, at no extra charge, so these can be used on any rig with any side RSL/Skyhook/MARD attachment.
  • Red front riser dive loops contrasting from the black riser webbing for easy visibility.
  • Only Stainless Steel hardware
  • Covered anti-twist hard housings
  • Excess steering line keepers
  • Pin-Lock, Velcroless Toggles

In addition, the initial version of the ChutingStar risers featured an "Always Open" front riser dive loop for ease of use. But after feedback from ChutingStar customers, we've now added a 2nd option for our front riser dive loops...a "Lay Flat" version. See the two version side-by-side in the photo below.

Both versions of the Front Riser Dive Loops still feature the red color from a layer of nylon binding. And you can now choose to have either the "Always Open" version with an enclosed stiffener to keep the loops always open, or the "Lay Flat" version without the stiffener so the dive loops lay flat for easier packing.

And then our ChutingStar risers, and actually all risers, can have our ChutingStar Slider Keeper Blocks added. We designed these slider keeper blocks back in 2001 as a way to keep your collapsed slider locked at the base of your risers after opening and not connected to your rig (as many of the after-market slider keepers do).

To order a set of ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers, click this link.

To order a set of ChutingStar Slider Keeper Blocks, click this link.

For more info on the design and use of the Slider Blocks, and even how to have your rigger make a set for you if you wish, click this link.

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