ChutingStar 2013: Year of "The Star"

Well here we are. You, like all of us at ChutingStar, not only survived another year of living life over the edge…we thrived in our element of skydiving fast, skating hard and capturing it all on our GoPro.

Who woulda thunk on Jan. 1, 2012, that skydiving and skating would continue to flourish in a down world economy, and that sport action cams such as the GoPro, Contour and Drift, would take over the photo/video world. ChutingStar has been there every step of the way to bring you the latest, most innovative and highest quality gear so your favorite sport becomes your lifestyle. You can truly live out those childhood dreams of living life at its fullest…Hell Yeah Jack!

So what does 2013 hold for us? And more importantly, you, the ever passionate ChutingStar customer.

Our focus will not waver from serving, satisfying and surprising our customer base. There is no bigger joy from the ChutingStar Crew then blowing someone’s mind with a new piece of innovative gear or the unheralded service they receive from one of our crew members or the friendships that ensue from the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

For 2013, it will be the year of you, “The Star” of ChutingStar.

Our plans include:

  • Kicking off 2013 with our $20 discount with the purchase of $100 or more in gear with the cut-out certificate. See your favorite skydiving or skate mag for details.
  • Publication of the Spring 2013 ChutingStar Catalog with an additional 4 full-color pages packed with the hottest skydiving, skate and photo/video gear.
  • Publication of our first-ever Skydiver’s Buying Guide in February 2013.
  • Publication of our first-ever Skater’s Buying Guide in March 2013.
  • Updated, refreshed and amended articles and videos in the ChutingStar Expert Advice section.
  • More gear packages with extra savings by combining accessory items you buy together the most.
  • Later working hours to serve the entire United States. Any in-stock orders received by 6 p.m. Eastern Time Monday-Friday will ship the same day.
  • Our new phone system to enable more staff members to take your phone calls quicker, get answers to your questions faster and make it easier for you to reach an expert in skydiving or skateboarding.
  • Our full-time Rigger in our new loft at ChutingStar-Marietta enables us a quicker turnaround, consistently high quality level of work and an expert you can contact any time.
  • Supporting, attending and immersing ourselves in the 2013 Parachute Industry Association Symposium in March. We will sort out the latest and greatest offerings from the skydiving manufacturers and then will be the first to carry these products as our DeLand shop will only be 30 minutes away from the Symposium in Daytona, Florida.
  • Expanding our annual Senior Rigger Certification School to 12 participants. This winter course infuses riggers-to-be with all the knowledge of our ChutingStar riggers so they are not only prepared for the FAA Senior Rigger Testing, but so they quickly excel in the field to be a trusted rigging resource for their home drop zone.
  • Improving our return service for items that don’t fit, aren’t what you expected or you plain changed your mind on. ChutingStar will be working with UPS to simplify the returns process, should you ever need it.
  • Special shipping discounts for our frequent customers. ChutingStar values your trust and business, and we are working on a system to reward our most frequent customers even more.
  • The return of the ChutingStar newsletter! ChutingStar’s web team is busy at work refining our e-mail newsletter for customers that choose to receive these timely notifications of specials, alerts and advice. We are working to have this up and running in early 2013.
  • Building on to our private indoor skate park in Marietta and opening it up to local skaters on Saturdays. Phase 1 is done, and we're working to plan out phase 2 while sorting out the logistics of opening this up to more skaters.
  • Continuing to merge our expertise in POV cameras and mountings into the skate world. With the help of our camera mounting experience in skydiving and the use of our own skate park, we're working to bring you new options in skate camera mounts.
  • Researching, developing and bringing to you the most innovative skydiving and skating products in 2013. This is one of the most fun parts of what we do, so rest assured you’ll have access to the latest and greatest gear we can find, help develop and stock for you.

This will be an awesome year to be a skydiver, skater or photo/video enthusiast. From ChutingStar to you, “The Star,” we looking forward to being with you every time you step over that edge.