Argus Cutter Service Bulletin Revised

Aviacom has issued a revised service bulletin for a mandatory replacement of all Argus cutters manufactured August 2007 and earlier.

The bulletin says the cutter is to be replaced "at the next repack but no later than 31 December 2010." Previously the service bulletin said the cutter had to be replace before the next jump, the company said that wording was in error and released the revision.

The company says they are replacing the cutters free of charge. There is no word if they are covering the cost of rigging as well or how fast a cutter can be obtained once a an affected cutter is identified.

The full service bulletin can be downloaded the following link:

05.09.2010 SERVICE BULLETIN Revised

The Argus is no longer manufactured, but ChutingStar still stocks some replacement parts. See the listings at this link for Argus parts still available from ChutingStar.