Above All Else...Read This Book!

ChutingStar has been carrying Dan BC's book Above All Else for the past 5 years, and we have sold well over 100 copies, but I had never taken the time to read the book until this past week.

WOW...what have I been waiting for? What a story of life...from pursuing your dreams to just trying to survive to a glimpse of the afterlife as well as perseverance, determination and the rewards of never giving up.Above All Else

Above All Else is a page-turner from the first chapter account of his conversation with his teammate James in the afterlife while Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld was in a coma to the step-by-step personal and business guidance at the end for "Playing to Win."

Dan BC does not disappoint in laying it all out there...his life exposed...for everyone to take the painful but powerful journey alongside him through the ultimate life highs and devastating lows.

While this book at all levels will connect deeply with any competitive skydiver, Dan BC's life story can draw in anyone in search of personal, business or life inspiration.

When you think of Dan BC and Arizona Airspeed, you most often think of all the championships and successes. But hearing the backstory on what it took to get to that place in the skydiving world gives the human element to the superhuman persona.

There are no shortcuts. It wasn't easy. There was life and death all along the way. And those that survived, flourished due to their relentless perseverance. And while you can never avoid all of life's pitfalls, you can see them more clearly after reading this book.

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