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  • Turned On GoPro Whiskey Review

    Check out the Hypoxic Turned On GoPro Indicator Light System review by Zach Lewis...along with his favorite drink!

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  • Turned On GoPro Unit Does All That & More

    I have owned the Hypoxic Turned On status indicator for about 3 weeks and I have used it on nearly every skydive I have made since then, and I must say, the device does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it extremely well.


    Installation of the device was fairly straight-forward. Your camera must be upgraded to the most recent GoPro firmware at this link. Once your camera has the latest official firmware, you go to the Turned On website at this link and download a small patch file for the GoPro (currently, the Hero 3, 3+ and 4 are supported). You then copy that file to your SD card, stick the SD card back in the camera and turn the power on. The GoPro applies the patch and just like that, you're ready to install the Turned On hardware.

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  • Turned On Meets, Exceeds GoPro Indicator Need

    Hypoxic sees a need and meets it...actually exceeds it. I would pay the $100 just to be able to stop asking people "am I on?"

    For anyone doing more than the casual weekend jumps, status indicators for cameras are priceless. The cost of missing an event you are paid to record is higher than the cost of the jump. When Trunk first introduced the Hypeye, immediately one was on each camera on my head. Yes, two cameras. In R&D I am not taking any chances of missing a shot. Knowing for certain cameras were rolling, it became possible to play with different shots from the same helmet. With the overwhelming use of GoPros, the security of knowing the camera was rolling has been sorely missed, until now.

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  • Alti-2 N3 Review

    Alti-2 N3 Review for ChutingStar Alti-2 N3 Review for ChutingStar

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  • UPT Main Mini-Risers Review

    UPT Main Mini-Risers Review UPT Main Mini-Risers Review

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  • ChutingStar Buys Used Gear!

    ChutingStar buys high-quality used gear!

    We don’t buy everything, but we do buy items that our customers are looking for and/or that we know we can find a customer for in the near future. Most likely, you will get more money for your used gear selling it independently. However, if you are looking to earn quick cash, this is the right service for you.

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  • CYPRES2: Altitude Offset

    The unit can be set with an altitude offset for a jumper taking off from an elevation that is different from where he will be landing his parachute.

    Press the button to start the LED flashes. Press the button at each LED flash, but on the third LED flash, press and hold through the entire countdown. Continue reading

  • CYPRES: Cutter Replacement

    The cutter on a CYPRES2 can be replaced by your local rigger. The cutter should be replaced if damaged and/or if it is fired.

    To replace the cutter, turn off the CYPRES2 unit. Unplug the cutter. Plug in the new cutter. Continue reading

  • CYPRES2: Filter Replacement

    The CYPRES2 is waterproof for up to 24 hours down to 5 feet. If the unit gets wet, the filter must be replaced.

    You will need a water filter replacement tool from Airtec and a new filter. Place the tool onto the filter and twist counterclockwise to remove the older filter. Dry any remaining water where the water filter is located. Continue reading

  • CYPRES2: Display Info

    The jump counter, serial number and date of next maintenance can be accessed when turning the unit on.

    Press the button to start the LED flashes and press the button at each LED flash. Keep your finger over the button (but not pressing it) as you watch the countdown. As soon as the display shows 0, press and hold the button. Continue reading

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