Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • NEOS Hard Openings Addressed by Icarus Canopies

    Icarus Canopies has issued a Service Bulletin to address hard openings of its unique NEOS canopy. The NEOS is a high-performance canopy that is partially cross-braced in the center of the parachute.

    Reports of hard openings were verified by Icarus, and after a test program, the company found adjusting the line trim on the C1 lines solved the issue.

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  • Argus Ruggedized Kit Installation

    The Argus Ruggedized Kit consists of a black metal face plate, stainless steel button and super glue. This kit protects LCD display screen against routine knocks to the display from use, packing or transportation.

    12 small dots of super glue are placed around the outside edge of the face of the unit. 5 along top, 5 along bottom and 1 on each side.

    The button is centered on the logo, where the current press-button is located. No super glue is used to hold the button in place. Continue reading

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