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  • Bones Brigade Christmas Ornaments Arrive!

    The holiday season can officially start with the arrival of the 2015 Bones Brigade 6 Ornaments Box Set.

    The box of set includes one ornament for each of the Bones Brigade Crew of Guerrero, Caballero, McGill, Mountain, Hawk and Mullen.

    Last year, the ornaments sold out in 3 hours! Continue reading

  • ChutingStar Lookbook Skate Goods Catalog Out!

    The latest lookbook ChutingStar Skate Goods Catalog has been published in a digital format bringing together our newest and most popular skate products into an easy-to-read 12-page format.

    You can either order a free print copy at this link.

    Or you can click through the digital format right here.

    Continue reading

  • Vigil PSB 01-2015 Affects 1900+ Units

    Advanced Aerospace Designs, manufacturer of the Vigil AAD, sent out a new Product Service Bulletin today that affects more than 1900 Vigil AAD units with cutters manufactured this year.

    The PSB is a mandatory cutter inspection requiring each cutter to be sent back to Vigil America or AAD. The inspection is due to a severed closing loop due to rough edges inside a Vigil cutter. The manufacturer will be inspecting each of these cutters for sharp or rough edges for repair or replacement, and then return to each skydiver.

    To see if your cutter is affected, see the SN's on the full PSB here:  Vigil PSB 01-2015. Continue reading

  • New ChutingStar Skydiving Gear Catalog!

    The latest seasonal ChutingStar Skydiving Gear Catalog has been published in a print and digital format bringing together our newest and most popular skydiving gear products into an easy-to-read 12-page format.

    You can either order a free print copy at this link.

    Or you can click through the digital format right here. Continue reading

  • New Weekly Sales & Clearance Deals!

    As part of the new web site launch, we've added a SALE section in the top menu, which will take you directly to the Weekly Sales and Clearance Deals products.

    25. SALE

    Our Weekly Sales items will be items on a limited time sale, usually just a week, that are on sale direct from the manufacturer or that we have decided to discount for the week as a thank you for all of your business!  Continue reading

  • New Web Site Launches!

    If you haven’t been cursing our site this last week, you probably haven’t visited

    A year-long project and a switch flip is pretty much a one-way street. One you go down that path, it’s really difficult to undo, especially when you know that you are impacting all of your customers. Continue reading

  • Best Fit & Value for 1st Skydiving Rig

    (Published in the September 2009 edition of Blue Skies Magazine.)

    You’ve talked to your local instructors, scoured, clicked through the gear shop web sites and even ventured into the risky E-Bay waters. Yet that first rig continues to elude you. Although you’d love to go all new, the cash isn’t there. So finding something used or continuing to rent seems to be your only remaining options.

    But your thoughts keep coming back to a container that fits like a glove with all the latest, greatest options. So how do you combine the two?

    Why not a brand new harness/container built to your body measurements and filled with used canopies and a used AAD? Not only do you get a rig with the latest technology, but also one that fits you properly. And you still can keep your costs low as you find a used main, reserve and AAD. Continue reading

  • Skydiving Gear Buying Tips

    (Published and reprinted from the June 2006 issue of Skydiving Magazine. Also published in Australian Skydiver Magazine. Minor updates every year by Mike Gruwell.)

    I spend as much time talking to new skydivers about how and where to buy gear as I do actually rigging, instructing and skydiving. There is a good amount of basic gear information that applies to all new skydivers. If the new skydiver had this basic knowledge first, it would make finding the right gear easier, faster and a safer transaction for all parties involved. So what does the new skydiver looking for gear need to know? Continue reading

  • Skateboards Explained: Where To Start

    Want to buy your first real skateboard? This is for you...

    Looking for your first skateboard? Or maybe your first “real” skateboard after trying to ride that one you picked up from Wal-Mart that’s warped and the wheels don’t spin too well?

    ChutingStar can help. We’ve been there and we want to help you dress for success to enable a ton of fun shredding the streets, park and your neighborhood.

    After reading this, you can get started on building your dream complete skateboard, unique only to you, through our Skateboard Builder starting right here.

    Continue reading

  • Skydiving Gear Price Comparison Info

    I've put together the following gear price comparison information for skydivers in the market for new or used gear. This is a brief but direct overview on some of the more popular skydiving gear that we see come through ChutingStar. The following info will give you a brief education on how to value used gear against new gear, and then you can determine which is the best choice for you.

    Note: Canopies/brands listed below are those that ChutingStar has had the most success with and are the most common within our area.

    Also, please see our other articles on buying used gear and using ChutingStar as an Inspection/Escrow service to prevent the seller or buyer from getting scammed. Continue reading

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