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  • Parachute Systems Offers Gear Rebate for New Skydivers!

    Parachute Systems is offering additional discounts on its container, main canopies and reserve canopy to new skydivers who have earned their first skydiving license this year!Parachute Systems

    If using all the available discounts in this offer, a new skydiver can save an additional $325 of a complete new rig from Parachute Systems. Continue reading

  • Keeping Your Head: Safe Cookie G3 GoPro Mounts

    Skydivers LOVE their Cookie G3 helmets as well as their GoPro cameras...but combining those two together has been a bit of a gamble in the past as the full-face helmet didn't have any type of cutaway system. And a cutaway system is important at 2,000 feet when that pilot chute just got snagged on your camera mount at the end of a crazy, funneled skydive with a "save yourself" deployment.

    Cookie hasn't yet developed a cutaway system for the helmet, so skydivers have resolved to either take the risk, make their own cutaway system, make a mount that is less likely to get snagged or find a mount that cuts away the camera.

    The first cutaway system for mounting a GoPro camera came out of Sweden by skydiver Daniel Fagrell. Daniel developed and produced the GrellFAB mount.GrellFAB G3 GoPro Cutaway Mount

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  • Stacking Up The Latest Digital Altimeters

    With the launch of the new Ion Digital Altimeter from Elemental Technologies at the same time a mainstay, the Alti-2 N3,  is being discontinued, the digital altimeter market for skydivers is getting shaken and stirred.

    Skydivers in the U.S. essentially have five digital altimeters to choose from, with it shortly to be four as the N3 sells out. Digital Skydiving Altimeters Stacked Up

    So what are the features of each that would make you choose one over the other? And what is this new Ion all about? Continue reading

  • New Skydiver Smoke Grenade Options In Stock!

    ChutingStar has long carried and our crew has personally used the white Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade, which is mainly used on demonstration jumps.Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade

    Skydivers use one of our smoke mounts to attach the smoke to their shoe or ankle, and the smoke gives a definite "wow factor" for people on the ground whether it's used in freefall or under canopy. For several years, we've had requests for colored smoke but we could only find specialized manufacturers with complicated ignition systems and/or the smoke canisters needed larger brackets. Continue reading

  • Build Unique Completes with our Board Builder!

    Build Your Dream Complete Skateboard on ChutingStar.com...and save 20% on the completed setup plus earn Super$tars Rewards Points!ChutingStar Skateboard BuilderThe ChutingStar Skateboard Builder allows you to configure your unique complete skateboard by picking out any deck, grip, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware listed on ChutingStar.com!

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  • Taking Gear Customization To A Higher Level

    Marissa Barclay's unique combination of a love of creating art for other people and her late father's business knowledge has skydivers worldwide flocking to her to transform their bland helmets into flying works of art.

    Marissa has only been skydiving since 2013, but like most of us, she fell in love with the sport, culture and people immediately. She painted up her first skydiving helmet with her favorite animal, a crow. In this social media world, her posts of this helmet created a buzz in the skydiving community, and she soon found out there was a full-time market for customizing skydiving gear.

    Marissa's First Helmet. Photo by Javier "Buzz" Ortiz Marissa's First Helmet. Photo by Javier "Buzz" Ortiz.


    Compass & Crow Studios was born.

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  • So You Wanna Be A Parachute Rigger?

    Packing parachutes while all of your friends are jumping out of airplanes all day or packing late into the night while they relax and party doesn't seem to make sense to most skydivers. But only riggers know the internal rewards of the mostly thankless profession of parachute rigging.

    FAA Master Parachute Riggers Steve, Mike & Vitaly at ChutingStar Rigging Loft. FAA Master Parachute Riggers Steve, Mike & Vitaly at ChutingStar Rigging Loft.

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  • Artist Joel Figueroa Signature ChutingStar Deck

    Local artist and skater Joel Figueroa has been a godsend to the local skater community around ChutingStar in more ways than one.

    jesus joel colõn-figueroa Jesus Joel Colõn-Figueroa

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  • Flat Broke Sale Section Helping Skydivers & Skaters

    ChutingStar launched a Flat Broke Sale section to it's web site yesterday morning listing just under 100 helmets and skateboards at $5 each. The idea was to help out skydivers and skaters who needed some essential items that ChutingStar was able to essentially donate for the price of shipping.

    The news of the sale spread like a wild fire on social media after a quick post on Facebook. And within a few hours, we had sold out of the 63 helmets offered and 12 skateboard decks. Continue reading

  • ChutingStar Boogie Tour Hits The Road!

    The ChutingStar Boogie Shop had become a dependable presence at many boogies over the past several years, but took 2015 off to focus on new crew members, the DeLand shop move and our new web site.

    Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! It's a brand new year and with a jam packed calendar for the ChutingStar Crew...to include taking the show on the road!

    Laura Bales & the ChutingStar  Boogie Tent! Laura Bales & the ChutingStar Boogie Tent!

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