Bender 1" Allen Skateboard Hardware

Bender 1" Allen Skateboard Hardware

Bender 1" Allen Skateboard Hardware
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Bender 1" Allen Skateboard Hardware.

Bender Hardware, Strikes Anywhere! Manufactured by local ATL skater Jeremiah Babb.

After the boxes and hand painted tips, came these guys. DLX artist Sam Davidson drew the logo on the sticker before moving to SF and doing really awesome stuff. These are like the other bolts, except for they grip so amazing. Like.....well, they grip. And these are from Atlanta. They keep your trucks connected to your skateboard. Open the bag. Put the bolts in the allotted holes from the top of the skateboard deck so that the threaded part of the bolt is sticking out from the underside of the skateboard. Place the "trucks" on. Lightly start to apply the nuts to the bolts. You wanna get them to the point that they "bite" or grasp the threads without falling off after removing your hand. Then you simply grab a pair of pliers, or a skateboard "key" tool, grab the nut with one hand. With the other hand, simply place the Allen Key screwdriver in the top of the bolt.....Wait, you lost your tools? Fuck it then.

These are 1" Allen head bolts with 8 black screws and silver nuts. Allen wrench and Bender sticker included.

One set is needed for a full skateboard assembly.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableBlack
Lengths Available1-inch
Widths Available
Threadsizes Available
Weights Available
Materials Available
Sizes Available
Styles Available


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Bender 1" Allen Skateboard Hardware
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