Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter

Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter

Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter
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Atlas Visual Audible Skydiving Altimeter.

The Atlas is an electronic altimeter with a digital display which can be used as either an audible or visual altimeter.

The Altimaster Atlas Free Fall Computer has all the proven functionality of N3, but further features reduced edges and corners, along with a ruggedized machined aluminum case. USB charging and data transfer has been improved through an upgraded Micro USB port.

There is a separately available elastic wrist band mount for the Atlas.

Includes hard case for wrist or hand mount, wrist and hand mount velcro and USB computer connection cable. The Atlas is available in Red, Blue, Silver, and Black.

The Alti-2 Atlas has the following features:


  • Ruggedized machined aluminum case with reduced edges and corners

  • Improved USB charging & data transfer through waterproof Micro USB

  • Raised easy-push buttons with protective case recess

  • Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour


  • Eight alarm groups; Includes both free fall and/or canopy alarms

  • Customizable through Paralog Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU)

  • Canopy alarms include approach alarms preceding each selected alarm altitude

  • Canopy alarm volume is adjustable for those who wish to hear alarms from their wrist


  • Logs over 200 jump Profiles and over 2,500 jump Summaries

  • Jump odometer for fast-paced training days

  • Up to 32 dropzone and aircraft names can be entered using Paralog-NMU

  • Time under canopy and free fall time are logged


  • Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format

  • Date can be set to USA or International format

  • Temperature can be displayed in F or C

  • Speed can be displayed in mph or kmh

  • LCD may be flipped

  • Menu scrolls and wraps

Atlas has all of these features and more!


  • Oops! You forgot to log your jumps last weekend: did you make 5 jumps Saturday, or was it 6? Was the 2nd jump on Sunday that sweet 4-way, or was it a 2-way head-down? How long was that wingsuit jump - 2 minutes or 3?

  • Don't waste your brain space trying to remember what jumps you did! Let your Atlas take care of it all: see the date, time, and all the stats you need for all your jumps. Download them to Paralog and save them on your computer. (Note: Paralog is not an Alti-2 product and is available as an additional item from ChutingStar. A full Paralog license is required to export their jump log data to their computer and/or plot jump data on graphs.)

  • There is no time limit to your jumps - Atlas will record the longest free fall you can make (safely, of course).

2,500 Jump Summaries:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Free fall Alarm Group

  • Canopy Alarm Group

  • Exit Altitude

  • Canopy Deployment Altitude

  • Free fall Time

  • Canopy Time

  • Average Speed

  • Speed at four different altitudes

  • Dropzone

  • Aircraft

Logging facilities:

  • Logbook on/off

  • Delete a jump

  • Delete logbook

  • Jump Odometer

View your jumps in one of two ways:

  • Use the Go To function if you know a certain jump number that you wish to view.

  • You can easily scroll through your logs by pressing and holding either the top or bottom buttons.


  • Set up groups of audible alarms to notify you of different altitudes during free fall and under canopy.

  • Atlas has four groups of labeled alarms, each with three altitude settings. You can customize your alarm names using Paralog-NMU.

  • You can set each of the alarm groups to be either free fall or canopy alarms.

  • Atlas's free fall alarms sound loudly at the altitudes you program and the canopy alarms are a series of approach alarms leading up to the altitude that you program.

  • Free fall alarms are programmable in 100 ft. increments, and canopy alarms in 10 ft. increments.


  • Atlas has the same user friendly menu system that you know and love from N3. Add to that Atlas's easy-push buttons and navigating through the menu and features is a breeze!

  • Automatically changes to Aircraft, Free Fall, and Canopy Modes.

  • Atlas's display can be electronically flipped to make menu navigation even easier!

  • Atlas also has an electroluminescent backlight.

Add the Paralog Software for expanded download and logging features. Available separately through A full Paralog license, which comes with the purchase of the Paralog Software, is required to export their jump log data to their computer and/or plot jump data on graphs.

Manufactured by Alti-2 in DeLand, Florida.

Atlas User Manual

Detail Information

Alarm TypeFreefall and canopy alarms
Battery TypeRechargeable
Data LogThe Atlas stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs. It allows you to name your DZ, aircraft and alarm settings.
Downloadable InfoAdded software needed, Added software optional, Mac, Windows, Yes
Feet or MetersSettings for Feet and Meters
FunctionAltimeter only
Protective Case AvailableYes
Replaceable LensNo
Saveable ProfilesYes
Visual PortNo
Water ResistantYes
WearabilityExterior helmet mount available, Handmount, Wristmount
Night Jump GlowYes


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Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Good Altimeter
Is the best altimeter in my experience, just be careful with the cable when you have to charge the battery.
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 3/18/2019)
Flimsy charging port, broke after a year
Works great as an altimeter. The data download capability is not the best, and couldn't get to work on a Mac. The charging port stopped working after 12 months of use (120 jumps - 15-20 charges).

What a waste of money. Switching to the Viso
Review by Mark / (Posted on 12/14/2018)
Great Altimeter, but the hand mount is terrible.
First things first, I love the altimeter itself. I have had it for about a month, have put 35 jumps on it, and have not needed to charge the battery. I really like the easy navigation around the menus. The biggest issue I have with this is the hand mount that comes with it. After about 19 jumps the plastic developed cracks where the screws hold it. I contacted Alti-2 and they sent a replacement right away. When I installed that one, I made sure not to overtighten the screws, but that one developed cracks also. I have switched to the elastic wrist mount and am loving it. I do recommend this altimeter with the elastic wrist mount.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 8/8/2018)
OK product, but totally lacking adequate support.
I originally thought this product was pretty good. The user interface is okay, and the logging seems to be good. But once I started having problems with the computer interface, I discovered that there was virtually NO support. Emails go unanswered, wires get crossed, questions about my problem get asked again...and again...and again...BUT I never seem to get ANSWERS. So, I'm left floundering with a sub-par product that does not meet my needs, and I have nobody to turn to. Such a shame...
Review by JHog / (Posted on 8/7/2018)
Highly recommend this alti
Solid altimeter. Can be programmed to keep track of bunch different alarm altitudes depending on what kind of jump your doing and big screen for easy visual
Review by Brett / (Posted on 7/15/2018)
Great product. Premier alti on the market. Only knock I have is that the plastic case is not very durable. Stress cracks occur at the screw points very easily. I lost one in free fall because the case broke and the alti was gone. The alti itself is top notch. I recommend getting the rubber arm band case but to each their own.
Review by Colin OTP / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
Highly recommended, just understand the illumination and don't wear polarized glasses
Love my Atlas. This thing logs all my jumps making it easy to reference later when I fill out my log book. Dates, times, jump and deployment altitudes, average fall rates, etc. I wouldn't want anything else currently on the market. Battery life is absolutely unbelievable. I've had this for two years including hundreds of jumps and have probably charged it 3 or 4 times? It's incredible.

Cons: Can't see with polarized glasses. Others on here say they can, but I certainly couldn't. I got a nice surprise in free fall when I forgot my normal jumping sunglasses and wore my driving ones... I thought it was dead and opened to my audible. That's not really a hit on the Atlas though, that's all electronic displays. Lesson learned.

The way you have to "go to" a jump to look up previous jumps makes it too easy to "delete" a jump rather than "view" it with one accidental button push since "delete" is right in the middle of "go to" and "view" and you have to toggle back and forth across it to select the next jump you want to view. Happened to me once, now I'm more careful. Not the end of the world, but they could have put the delete function lower in the menu order.

On night jumps it doesn't stay illuminated until you exit the plane. This can be a bit stressful since you're trusting it to come on after you have already jumped in the dark. I wish there was a function to have it stay illuminated during the climb and all throughout the jump. This thing has amazing battery life so it shouldn't be a problem to have that option. It remains illuminated under canopy, but if you have canopy alarms on it turns off the display to save battery while it's beeping. Normally by the time I get to my landing pattern I switch to visual, but depth perception obviously is worse in the dark and again, the battery life is amazing, so why not give us the option to keep it illuminated during canopy alarms so I can continuously monitor my altitude and see when I get to 150 feet to turn final late if I'm having to stretch out that base leg to land in the light? Night jump illumination recommendations are really the only "cons" I would give it, and I can turn off the canopy alarms so it stays illuminated if I prefer it that way.

Overall this thing is amazing and I wouldn't want any other altimeter. Rugged, excellent battery life, hasn't let me down once. I highly recommend it. Just understand the illumination operation for night jumps and get past that first one and you'll love it as much as I do.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 2/15/2018)
I like it
I like it a lot! I put off buying a digital altimeter because i wear polarized prescription sunglasses. I cannot see the other digital altimeters with my sunglasses, but i DO read this one perfectly fine. Of course, your eyes and sunglasses may work differently than mine, so don't buy one on that alone. I have jumped this 11 times and I love it. The log book is a great function and I can read this better than my analog. Only thing is, I used it on a night jump (on night mode) and it lit up and was highly visible during free fall but it went dark under canopy and only lit up for a couple seconds each at set canopy beeps. I was warned that would happen and I don't understand that at all,. Seems they would have that setting done a little different, but whatever. It's not like I do night jumps often. I like it and would recommend.
Review by Adam / (Posted on 1/9/2018)
Great visual and audible feedback!
This altimeter does everything that I need as a beginning skydiver. I love the logbook function, where you can analyze your jump at many different points. It is great to have an audible beep under canopy at different points in your pattern in order to make turns without the distraction of watching your altimeter. It was a little more than the competition, but feels more durable and I like the audible feedback.
Review by Drew / (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Get the best of the best!
I have had my Alti 2 for over 100 skydives now and I have absolutely 0 complaints. I love how it records my speed as I am a small skydiver and have worked a lot on my fall rate and could go back and see if I was improving. I love everything about this device and all of the recordings it logs. You will NOT be disappointed!
Review by Renee / (Posted on 11/20/2017)
Awsome Altimeter, Terrible Software/website
The altimeter itself is excellent. Easy to read, accurate, easy to navigate around the menu and dive logs. But the computer software sucks - I mean, just plain terrible. The Alti-2 website is not completely functional. The links in the manual and on the website lead to nowhere, and when you are FINALLY able to download the software, it does not recognize the Atlas altimeter and keeps asking for the Neptune. I run both Windows (10) and Mac (OS 10.12.5 - Sierra) and it does not work on either even with their work around. This means you cannot update DZ or AC among other things. Very frustrating. Called Alti-2, they could not help and said they need to call the software manufacturer in Germany...
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 6/28/2017)
The design is solid and easy enough for a neanderthal to understand. The menus are very easy to navigate and if you pair with the elastic armband that it's sold here for a mere 25 dollars you will have acquired for yourself a piece of equipment that is likely to outlast your enthusiasm for the sport. Solid titanium body, good separation between the buttons for those of you with big old fingers or for when we are at high altitude and gloves have to stay even to operate equipment. I know it seems a bit pricey, however after all the research i did independently as well as the advise from many, including once of my best friends who has over 10,000 jumps, this is perhaps the best thing out there in this price range. Blue skies
Review by Roly / (Posted on 4/7/2017)
Solid Product with Solid Construction and great features
I bought the Atlas on advice from my AFF Instructor and I have not been disappointed. The menus are easy to navigate, and the alarm features are a must have for anyone who is looking to improve their accuracy in the pattern. It's a little pricey, but worth the purchase - I'malready saving up so I can buy another to use as an audible in my helmet!
Review by Taylor / (Posted on 2/22/2017)
My favorite alti
A little pricey but you will not regret the purchase. Works great and with the backlit face it is great for night jumps. They also offer an elastic wristband for ease of use. A+
Review by Thomas / (Posted on 2/20/2017)
Good visual altimeter
I like the display options. It is easy to use and the menus are easy to navigate. It does everything I want a visual altimeter to do.
Review by AM / (Posted on 2/16/2017)
Excellent altimeter!!! My favorite! Accurate! Easy to read! Easy to adjust!
This is the best altimeter I have used. It is accurate, it has LARGE numbers so it's easy to read, and the audible alarms are fantastic. I have had issues once in a while I'm charging it, that you need to get the cord in a certain way for it to charge, but I contacted them at Alti-2 and they fixed it and sent back free of charge. I haven't used all the features, like the logbook, but everything I have used has been great and it's very easy to get between the menus and adjust the settings.
I highly recommend this as one of your altimeters!
Review by Lex / (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Best on the market
This alti is without a doubt the best on the market. Extremely user friendly, and gives you more data/options than all the others. Battery lasts and lasts. You definitely get what you pay for. Get the best.
Review by Brad / (Posted on 12/1/2016)
Best alti I've ever had.
Best alti I've ever had. Put a screen protector on because I didn't want to handle Alti-2 customer service, but the clearly labeled menu options, long battery life, easy-to-read screen and durable case are great! Love that I can see my descent rate under canopy, and the canopy alarms make up for my older model audible. This just functions properly, all day, every day. Ultimately worth the price.
Review by Jo / (Posted on 10/16/2016)
Expensive but nice
Expensive but reliable, good for any kind of jump, even CRW
Review by Fabio / (Posted on 9/6/2016)
Better than an N3 due to better case
Same as the N3, just prettier and more durable!
Review by Mikey / (Posted on 2/18/2016)


Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter