Altitron Digital Altimeter

Altitron Digital Altimeter

Altitron Digital Altimeter
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The Altitron Digital Altimeter by ParaSport Italia is an advanced instrument offering new functions, but has been designed for ease of use.

Its back-lighted, high-contrast display, has been specifically developed to be clearly readable in all lighting conditions, while the compact and ergonomic case allows the unit to be used on wrist, hand or inside the transparent arm pocket of your jumpsuit.

The Altitron comes setup as a wrist mount or hand mount with fingerloop from the factory. Also for those who buy the Wrist Mount, an optional spare hand mount strap with fingerloop can be added from if you want to switch the mount at any time.

Using a common type of battery (AAA), easy to find everywhere, the Altitron is able to store information about the last 300 jumps, as well as statistical information including the number of jumps and total freefall time. It also serves as a watch/calendar and ambient thermometer. Only three buttons select and set all of the functions. It is water, shock and scratch resistant, indicates breakoff altitude and has lots of other features.

The Altitron carries a 3-year manufacturer's warranty under normal use. Always ready to jump, its low power consumption stand-by mode allows months of operation before you need to change the battery. The Altitron can be configured to show altitude or speed while in freefall. When used as speedometer, the instrument will switch automatically to altimeter mode below a user selectable breakoff altitude. The Altitron is designed to be strong and well protected by a 2mm sturdy and thick anti-scratch and anti-shock methacrylate glass, offering no optical distortion. Units of measure, mode, date form, are all user configurable to adapt the unit to skydiver’s habit.

Available in black.

Click this link to download the Altitron owner's manual from Parasport Italia.

Detail Information

Alarm TypeNo Alarms
Battery TypeAAA
Data Log
Downloadable InfoNo
Feet or MetersSettings for Feet and Meters
FunctionAltimeter and watch
Protective Case AvailableNo
Replaceable LensNo
Saveable ProfilesNo
Visual PortNo
Water ResistantNo
WearabilityHandmount, Wristmount
Night Jump GlowYes


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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Terrible product
Two friends and myself bough this product, we liked the big display and AAA batteries. It turned out to be a very bad product. Stops working without any warning, the menus are complicated, the housing started to crack on all three. Within a year all three altimeters stopped working. Just don't buy it, you'll waste your money and end up buying another altimeter.
Review by Diego / (Posted on 4/8/2013)
The altimeter does not do as the manual states. The control buttons are a nightmare to operate. Following the instructions of the manual, I could not properly configure the instrument. Have to return altimeter back to ChutingStar for another brand. I don't recommend this product. In fact until Altitron makes this altimeter more user friendly, avoid it!

ChutingStar Note: After working through the menu options with Frank, we were able to work through the above issues and Frank now is using the Altitron for all his skydives!
Review by Frank / (Posted on 3/16/2013)
Don't risk your life on it...
I bought this unit about three three months ago, and it's been sitting around, no problem and always working. Yesterday, on my first jump I took my old altimeter as a back up, and everything was fine. On jump number TWO I did not take the back up, and low and behold the unit inexplicably STOPPED WORKING on climbout. Pushing the buttons brought it back to life, but it was then several thousand feet off. It died one more time, just prior to jumping. After landing, I brought it back to life by pushing a button and it's worked ever since, although it did go into altimeter mode driving home! I strongly recommend that you NOT buy this complete piece of junk; your life or limb could depend on it. Pay a little extra for one of the better altimeters; money well spent!

ChutingStar Note: This particular unit is being sent to the manufacturer for evaluation and its believed to be a sensor issue. All brands of altimeters can have issues and we've had service requests for all of them. But for the most part all altimeters from the brands we carry and support (Parasport, L&B, Alti-2 and Viplo) work without issue.
Review by Matt / (Posted on 1/6/2013)
Altitron Digital Altimeter